Holy this is happening: book deal with Knopf Canada

Ever wondered what it's like to sneak across Tibet with your best childhood pal in the guise of androgynous Chinese cyclists? To test the limits of sanity, friendship, nations, and an inadvertent ramen noodle cleanse while pedaling for ten months through ten countries, many of whose names end in 'stan'? To set off for Mars, determined to be a modern-day explorer, and end up—marvelous error!—on a bicycle on the Silk Road instead?

Well hold your breath no more (er, until the spring of 2017 January 30, 2018), because I have just the book for you! I'm thrilled to share the news that Knopf Canada will publish "Lands of Lost Borders," a travel memoir based on my and Melissa Yule's Cycling Silk expedition. Can't wait to share this mad, wondrous adventure with you all in words. Now I just have to finish writing them. So if I'm a total recluse for the next year or so, you'll know why...

Kate Harris6 Comments